STROLLERCIZE Initial Certification/License (Post-Natal)
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Strollercize's License and Initial Certification Course Study. Course is Spoke 2 thru 6 in The Wheel of Knowledge Academy. Similar to how Zumba & Crossfit work. Instructor receives 100 page course study and reference guide. Instructor is given one week to study, review and submit a training video. Exam is live using Skype or Facetime. After graduation, Instructor will be put on our website and our Newsletter with a direct link to their Facebook page or website. There is a monthly License fee of $35.00 that starts the month after course exam. No renewal fee just monthly license fee till Instructor wants to drop out of program. Instructors will receive class equiptment for three to get started. Instructors are given a 15% discount on all products. 

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Signed license agreement given to Instructor after Application and Registration.

  • Manufacturer: Y STROLL FIT, L.L.C.

STROLLERCIZE Initial Certification/License (Post-Natal)

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