STROLLERCIZE Outdoor Cert./License (Post-Natal) Spoke 2-6
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Strollercize's License and Initial Certification Course Study. Course is Spoke 2 thru 6 in The Wheel of Knowledge Academy. Similar to how Zumba & Crossfit work. Instructor receives 100 page course study and reference guide. Instructor is given one week to study, review and submit a training video. Exam is live using Zoom Webimar App. After graduation, Instructor will be put on our website and our Newsletter with a direct link to their Facebook page or website. There is a small monthly License fee of $35.00 that starts the month after course was started. This course comes with RollerSizeR ELITE TRAINING for FREE (Value $295.00)

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  • Manufacturer: Y STROLL FIT, L.L.C.

STROLLERCIZE Outdoor Cert./License (Post-Natal) Spoke 2-6

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