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Weigh To Fly! This slogan should be used by airlines to promote passengers to downsize their luggage and maybe lose a few pounds. They can oppt in to the program so their is no discrimination. But think about it, the airline could save and the passenger fits into those tighy little sits and get a healthy weight.  I believe that staying fit needs incentives! The key to reaching your health and fitness goals may be a trip to anywhere and the motivation to lose those extra pounds and pack light and smart.

Go to the gym, change that diet to healthy and do not drink those big sodas :) but please do fly to NYC! Get out that scale and see if you can save money and maybe save your life. Cut your costs by cutting the fat. This is the weigh to fly. Call me 917 435 6455, I can also cut a great deal. If you are a airline owner, I believe this is a great way to help your passengers have a safe and slim flight! Fitness is a "weigh" of life :)

  • Manufacturer: Y STROLL FIT, L.L.C.


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